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Underneath a Surface

A material study of linoleum, using hidden elements from its production process and history. Raising it from the floor to showcase it as a precious and versatile natural resource for a wide variety of applications.

During her internship at Forbo, Kita was fascinated by the archive where a rich history of linoleum is stored. Printing blocks, constructed from wooden blocks and nails, were dipped into a colour and stamped onto the linoleum surface.

She used these blocks and pressed them into the fresh neutral mixture of linoleum. In the pilot factory of Forbo this mixture is referred to as ‘cookie’. This cookie is the base of all linoleum. A mixture of pine resin, flaxseed oil, wood flour and limestone.

By hanging the samples, effects of light and texture become clear and unveil the surprising nuances of the material.

Light and perspective highlight the delicate and natural identity of the material.


printing blocks


archive example (original application form)

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